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Traditional Funeral

Our traditional funerals in London are for those seeking a more elaborate send-off. Our team will assist in creating a bespoke funeral service tailored to your wishes.

We will bring your loved one into our care and handle all funeral arrangements and necessary paperwork.

Our celebrant will work with you to design a personalised funeral service, including music, or a religious officiant can be provided.

The hearse will transport your loved one to a London Crematorium, followed by a limousine for family and friends.

Our bearers will carry the coffin into the chapel for the service.

After the service, the cremation will take place, and the ashes can either be returned to you or scattered in one of London’s Memorial Gardens.



Extras (only charged when required)

Doctor’s Certification (if required)
Collection from a nursing home or private residence
Removal of a pacemaker or any other hazardous device
Custom coffin for larger individuals
Additional Limousine
Unique Hearse
From £200
Viewing of the deceased
Wicker Coffin